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Islamic Environment

ICM Academy aims to guide students through the foundations of their religion. We use a wonderful interactive Islamic curriculum that teaches our students the important aspects of Islam including stories of the prophets, appropriate Islamic manners, pillars of Islam, and more. 


But ICM Academy students will not simply learn about the basics of their religion; students will also learn how to LIVE their religion everyday. We focus on developing Islamic manners and ensuring that our students and staff all strive to emulate the example of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Quran and Islamic studies


Students in our elementary school program receive direct instruction in Quran memorization and meaning. They also have a class on Islamic studies where they focus on the pillars of our faith, practical examples of how to live our religion, and the stories of the prophets. 

Students in our preschool program have a more integrated approach to Islamic studies. In their classrooms, they may learn about the prophets and the pillars, but it will be more organically introduced as a part of their learning units. They also spend some time memorizing the short surahs of the Quran.

Arabic Language Studies


The goal of our Arabic language studies is that students will be able to read the Quran. We want all of our students to have an intimate relationship with the Quran as they get older and we hope that they can each learn to read and recite it. And if students are with us long enough, insha'Allah, they will also learn to understand part of it as well. 

While we do not focus on speaking Arabic, we do try to offer as many hands-on Arabic activities and do try to integrate some Arabic language in our day-to-day activities (especially as they relate to our Islamic environment and principles). 

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Have you seen our promotional video?
Have you seen our promotional video?
Special thanks to Ms. Noor Ahmad for producing this amazing video! May Allah reward her abundantly!
Two-Year Old Program


Alhamdulillah, ICM Academy now accommodates two year olds into our highly successful education program!  This will be our third year working with our youngest class, and we are so excited to see what amazing things they will accomplish this year. 


The two-year-old program introduces children to reading and writing in both Arabic and English. While students do not leave reading and writing, they have ample practice in distinguishing between the two languages and the fine motor skills needed for future academic success. Students in this program also play lots of games to develop their large motor skills while they learn popular nursery rhymes, Quran, and colors. This class is very hands-on and the kids LOVE it, masha'Allah!


This very popular program only has 10 spots, so make sure you sign up your child today! Registration information can be found below. 

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